Double the patriotism with this rhinestone beauty!

Crossed American Flags Pin
Crossed American Flags Pin
Item# crossedflag

We just love American Flag Pins and this one is an exceptional beauty. Two times the patriotism, this pin is a substantial and sparkly rhinestone beauty. Cheers for the Red, White and Blue!!!


American Waving Flag Rhinestone Pin
To celebrate America we offer our best selling fantastic rhinestone flag pin! This exclusive design is covered in rich enamel and rhinestones. We love the larger rhinestones on the top of the pole and at the bottom of the tassles, a trademark of an official pin. This is an elegant pin that does justice to our great symbol of freedom-the American Flag! Sarah Palin and many female Senators and Congresswomen own this flag pin!
American Waving Flag Rhinestone Pin wavingflag