Patriotic Sweetheart Pin
Patriotic Sweetheart Pin
Item# sweetheartpin

Our new, exclusive Patriotic Sweetheart pin was presented to Sarah Palin at the Celebration Of Life Breakfast in Washington D.C. on May 14, 2010. Now you can have something that Sarah has! During World Wars I and II soldiers often sent pins back home from their journeys. This pin is inspired by a WW II "Dearest" Pin that was a popular design. In the older pins, the stones were all different colors but we thought our version should sparkle in Red, White and Blue! One of the nicest patriotic gifts anyone in the military can give to their sweetheart or mother.


American Waving Flag Rhinestone Pin
To celebrate America we offer our best selling fantastic rhinestone flag pin! This exclusive design is covered in rich enamel and rhinestones. We love the larger rhinestones on the top of the pole and at the bottom of the tassles, a trademark of an official pin. This is an elegant pin that does justice to our great symbol of freedom-the American Flag! Sarah Palin and many female Senators and Congresswomen own this flag pin!
American Waving Flag Rhinestone Pin wavingflag
Eagle On Pearl Pin
This petite golden eagle (approx 1"x1")rests lightly on a wonderful faux pearl. A very popular brooch with those in Washington. This eagle pin says simple elegance. This eagle is an enduring symbol of freedom for our country! We also carry this pin in a larger size! It is called Large eagle on pearl.
Eagle On Pearl Pin smeagleonpearl
Sarah Palin Flag Bracelet *SHE HAS IT!*
Our Sarah Palin Flag bracelet is a real sparkler! 5 rhinestone American flags are framed by clear bands of diamante rhinestones. It is approximately 7 1/4" long with a fold over clasp. Truthfully, the picture does not do this bracelet justice. This wonderful bracelet comes with its own velvet pouch, so it is perfect to ship directly as a gift. So patriotic, so Sarah! Great for your next TEA PARTY!
Sarah Palin Flag Bracelet *SHE HAS IT!* sarahbrac